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Break away from your daily routine and enjoy the beauty of the McCoy Hunting Ranch.
Set on 720 acres of woods, hills and streams in Central Minnesota, our ranch offers an up close and personal view of nature at its finest and animals in their own, natural habitat.

McCoy Hunting Ranch boosts more than 600 Rocky Mountain and Manitoban Cross elk. This is one of the largest elk herd in Minnesota and one of the largest domestic herds in the entire country. Things change rapidly in the warm months here. Calving starts in the spring and summer brings new antler growth, called velvet, for the males. In fall, you'll hear the majestic sounds of the elk bull's call, referred to as bugling, and see the fierce competition for mating.

Hear Animal Sounds from around our ranch!

Come, take a walk on the wild side.. visit McCoy Hunting Ranch!

* Guided tours by truck, bus and hayrides, whichever you prefer!

* If you really want an adventure, we also have an unbelievable campground where you
. can truly commune with nature.

* Kids can explore our hay maze and bunny patch. What fun!

* Families can learn about nature and science through our activities.

* See a real working Elk Ranch in operation. ( The Real McCoy )

* Enjoy an optional barbecue meal of delicious elk burgers or purchase some elk jerky
. to take along on your outing.

* May through July is a special time at the McCoy Hunting Ranch! that's when the
. elk calfs are born! . Visitors are encouraged to take a peek!

* Purchase a variety of USDA certified elk meat products to take home.

* Enjoy seeing up close and experiencing hands-on with elk items, like fur, antlers, etc.

* Bring your camera and lots of film, for some very unique photo opportunities of elk in
. a natural setting.

People of all ages enjoy our ranch:
* Families
* Schools Groups
* Senior Citizen Groups
* Tour Groups

McCoy Hunting Ranch is ideal for field trips, nature hikes, birthday parties, family outings or for a quick stop on the way up north.
What a great way to learn about the environment and the habitat of elk! Be sure to bring your camera as there are some great photo opportunities.

McCoy Hunting Ranch Special Seasonal & Holiday Tours

* May through July is a special time at the McCoy Hunting Ranch ­ that's when the
....elk calfs are born!

* October is a special time at the McCoy Hunting Ranch as we celebrate the Halloween spirit.
....Kids can explore our hay maze, gather apples and select a pumpkin form the garden patch.

* December is a magical time at the McCoy Hunting Ranch as we celebrate the season of
.... Christmas with sleigh rides, hot chocolate, apple cider. and fun in the snow.

Tour Times / Prices

Please Call or E-mail for tour reservations and times.
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Private tours available by reservation only
Holiday and Special tours available by reservation only.
Note: Tour days and hours during special seasons are subject to current weather conditions.

Tour Prices:
Tours start at $25.00 per person.
Tour and optional Elk Barbecue Meals start at $35.00 per person
- Please Call or E-mail for meal reservations.
(320) 732-2546

School and Group discount rates available:
Call or E-mail for more information.
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McCoy Hunting Ranch Tour Photo Gallery

 Some Elk in Lower Valley  Bull Elk Bugling
Elk Cow and Baby Elk Calf   Hayride Elk Watching

 Elk Watching In the comfort of our bus  Hands-on Educational Experiences
 Elk Close-up photo opportunity Elk Feeding Time

 Elk Group  Elk Watching Up-Close
 Our Tour Vehicles Elk Line-up


  Elk Herd

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